Tonight/My Love (98th Written Creative Piece)

Miha Dalaya
1 min readAug 4


Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash

I search for the pockets of light lost within your eyes,
a shallow ocean that glimmers with the rising abyss of the sea, harvesting the bewildered currents that bring in restlessness and conformity.

Amongst the composition of your essence that lay with the obstacles that you have faced; I merely wish to bring you the peace of your desires.

I will conceal you within a solitude of enchantment and comfort,
one to protect you from the nightmares nested amongst you.
In this cruel passage that you have faced so far, allow me to soothe you with the sweet lullabies passed down from your mother,
and her mother,
and then her own.

Do not fear the depths amongst your eyelids,
for they do not last merely as long as the inner child that has dwelt within the spaces of your conciousness.
Even now, you are not lost,
even if your eyes disagree.

Tonight, within my embrace, I will be your searchlight.
I will bring you home as you face your stormy tides amongst your voyage of self-discovery,
keeping you safe and sound upon the next thirty morns.

So tonight, you may relax my dear love,
for tonight, your fighting has simply been enough.



Miha Dalaya

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