Princess with a Golden Embrace

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

A trail of rose fabric draped behind her legs as her heels created a steady rhythm against the marble floor; following along to the beat of the welcoming fanfare and her restless breathing. The sounds of the trumpets mixed with the cheers of hundreds of faithful subjects banged through the walls of her diamond fortress, and past her cranium.

All hail the crown princess, they bellowed,
All hail our crown princess.

As the golden gates of the inauguration chamber opened, the morn light pirouetted towards her pink lace that decorated her chest and waterfalled down towards her hips. As her heavy golden shoulder armour adorned her soft structure, strawberry pink waves flowed down her spine, and a graceful expression sat upon her face, she saw the symbol of her future ahead of her.

The royal throne laid hoisted a few feet from the balcony on which she stood, calling to her with every step that her feet took.

As she traveled down the red-carpeted stairs and along the aisle, her noble allies and enemies arose in respect to their future ruler; displaying the happy and despised looks that every face wore.

As elegantly as she was taught, as elegantly did she stand in front of the throne that smiled from behind her as she faced the audience. A true and prideful royal dressed in the colours of cherry blossoms with a posture that portrayed her tenacity.

The ticking clocks counted down until a golden sceptre and an ancient constitution laid in either of her shaking, yet stable hands; following with a promise to her people. And finally, the ornamented crown that survived a hundred millennia was gently lowered onto her rose-coloured hair; unleashing an eruption of a cheers in response to its new possession.

All hail the royal queen, they bellowed,
All hail our royal queen.

And so, began the beginning of our young princess who became a queen through her elegance and grace; sealing her destiny as the prospering ruler with a golden embrace.



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Miha Dalaya

Miha Dalaya

I am Amisha Dalaya! You may have caught on… my pen name is “Miha”. The world is a beauty, one worth honouring through the grace of words. Will you join me?