Potions of Aphrodite

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

The spring season blooms into a breathtaking folklore of greening grass and clear waters, which crystallize at the alter of the ocean and the azure home of the stars.

The erotic hormones of nature float slyly amongst the pollen that attaches onto the humming wings of the robins and their scarlet breasts.

The alluring sensations of uncontrollable love and desire slowly conquer the wind currents and drift the love potions through the atmosphere — the potions of Aphrodite.

It seeps into through the concreted walls and wooden floors, hiding under the darkness of the blown out candles. The two souls lay upon the waterbed, their backs and aching hearts turned to one another.

Between them lies an abyss of anguish and pain that caved from the words that spilled from their mouths — the words that accidentally spilled from their poisoned guts.

The potion unsuspectedly seeps through the pores of the two souls, twirling with their emotions of regret for the words that should have been left unsaid.

It guides their consciousnesses deeper into a sensation that can be felt as a tenderness in their minds, groins and hearts.
It takes full control of the anger that is frozen in the closed room, the anger that lays upon their waterbed.

It shifts their rage, their frustration, their guilt through the rocking of their bodies.

The rocking of their souls in which they interlock and ‘twine through the thorns that pierced them that night.

It shifts the rage, the frustration, the guilt through the physical acts of forgiveness and punishment.
Through the physical acts of love and unfiltered desire.

During this springtime season, the magic and potions of Aphrodite swirl potently though the air… mingling with alluring emotions of sensuality and the delicate acts of nature’s sex.



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Miha Dalaya

Miha Dalaya

I am Amisha Dalaya! You may have caught on… my pen name is “Miha”. The world is a beauty, one worth honouring through the grace of words. Will you join me?