Poetry and Prose Collection XX

Miha Dalaya
3 min readAug 27, 2023

*all writing pieces originally from Instagram @mi.haloes*

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

“good (bad) nights”
Cremate me along with the sins I am anchored to.
Watch the embers whisk into the night that shys from the lime-light, but remains dominate without fail.

Bury me along with the burdens that sink me into the ground,
cracked and impish — watch the floorboards lift with every step taken through the unassuming night;
an undocumented crime that washes away with the hardwiring of the forsakenly sinister and self-grieving.

As I lay amongst the red roses and their thorns,
balance my mistakes with the delicate scents of the petals as I humanly pour myself onto them in hopes of compensation.

As the dynamics of my presence changes, quietly wish me well and watch me vanish through the noir mirror hidden in the skies.
With a final adieu, I wish you well with all my sins and burdens and blood — I wish you goodnight.
(2023, Aug 16)

“children of the universe”
Like the stones that create the cosmic constellations,
I feel the embrace of the void in its most sacred and raw state.
From the eclipses that dominate the sky to the generous meteors that shower streaks of beauty and untamed freedom,
the air begins to feel a little bit lighter,
a little less like gravity.

As the expansion of our galaxies guide themselves over the barrier of time and space,
rejoice in the moon’s crescent and enjoy the time we have today.
After all, we are the blessed children of this universe,
scared, raw, beautiful and untamed.
We are indeed its children.
(2023, Aug 22)

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

As we stare into the stars from different hemispheres,
you hold me close within your thoughts.
The glistening of my tears flood my eyes,
Hoping that the memories we once created will not be for nought.

Within the stellar paradise and the soft grass that lays beneath us,
let us breathe and rejoice for the things we once remember, but we now have lost.
(2023, Aug 24)

“angel endeavours”
As the angel rested upon the shoulder of the harbour,
her cresendo was imprisoned within the echoes of her long-lived lovers.
Lovers once high on their make-believe fairytale sonnets and romantics.
Once high on fiction and magic,
embraced by the angelic touch of love that dove to the depths of their soul’s articulation,
encapsulated by something that wouldn’t have been theirs in a forever.
Something that hid between the horizon’s sunset and the morn’s rise,
something that would now be missed and never forgotten;
becoming something of a beautiful little endeavour.
(2023, Aug 15)



Miha Dalaya

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