Poetry and Prose Collection XIII

*all writing pieces originally from Instagram @mi.haloes*

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

“our nature”
Like the goddess of the rain, my tears cascade upon your shoulder; interweaving deeper with the currents of your genuineness.

I feel your grounding nature below my cheek; a cushioning that shelters me from the infernos that dance within the core of this planet…

A cushioning that solidly stances the western winds of this volatile world.

With my fluidity and your sturdiness, our natures create picturesque landscapes upon this barren land; intertwining with all the magic that the natural world can manifest into our world.

This is our new home, and the love that flows through the soil and rivers is simply sewn in our nature.
(2022, Feb 4)

“soul search”
Amongst the streaks of the night, the jewel encrusted moon of a thousand of galaxies ballet aimlessly through the sky.

The souls of humanity compete around them, restlessly search for the entrance to the new world; a world rid of the faults that consumed them during their time in this antagonizing and endless void.

It is a perilous journey, but hope of a new life stands a mere lightyear away. We are so close…

Our souls of humanity are soon to rest in the afterlife of this soul search.

They are oh so close now.
(2022, Feb 9)

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

“whale shark”
Like the clouds that float amongst the sky,
the gentle whale shark drifts through an endless void — fulfilling a journey without an end.

A peaceful journey which passenger the lost souls that drift aimlessly amongst the thundering rainclouds — bringing them to a paradise amongst the prismatic cosmos of the sun.

On the back of a gentle giant, the spirits travel to an eternal rest amongst the precipices of freedom, beginning the era of a newfound tranquility.
(2022, Mar 8)

“cherry blossoms”
The scent of cherry blossoms flood the air as the petals twirl amongst the blooming atmosphere,
dazzling amongst the clouds that resides upon the peak of Mount Fuji.

They gracefully travel the world at a gentle rhythm with their petalled wings.

They become carried with the currents of the western winds.

The scent of the cherry blossoms twist our world into their identity;
into a world of beauty and tranquility.
(2022, Mar 10)



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Miha Dalaya

Miha Dalaya

I am Amisha Dalaya! You may have caught on… my pen name is “Miha”. The world is a beauty, one worth honouring through the grace of words. Will you join me?