Poetry and Prose Collection XII

Miha Dalaya
3 min readJan 24, 2022


*all writing pieces originally from Instagram @mi.haloes*

Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash

“in this small world”
As the rain that cascades down from the clouds, my thoughts dance amongst the particles of oxygen and hydrogen that sing in harmony with the grey sky.

Humidity wafted through the air like the skirt of a bride, bending around the corners from the bakery to coffee shop to the park.

The crows call out as salutations to the west winds that brought in the breeze that floats through the cobblestoned street ways; a reminder of the distant existence of the western sandy coasts.

In this small world of dampness and solitude, it feels warm despite the coolness that rinse my thoughts with dewdrops upon the pine leaves.

In this small world, the natural elements of the air and earth blend together; awakening a world anew.

In this small world, everything is nothing more, nor less, of a grey and white paradise.
(2022, Jan 11)

“outer space”
As fragile as the atmosphere above the clouds, the imagination runs through the fields of altitude. Climbing higher and higher until gravity is lost into the history of the world below.

A new generation of discovery, a new generation of rebirth, a new generation worth exploring beyond the ozone. A generation of planetary dusks and dawns that never end beyond the horizon of Jupiter.

The outer-galactic magic surrounds our little bubble of Earth with life; however, its nothing as special as the rings that hula-hoop around smiling Saturn, laughing with its friends of Mars and Mercury.

The comets of Edmund Halley and Hale Bopp travel relentlessly past the distant stars; a gentle aura of rock and minerals that look soft to the touch of one’s fingertips.

The universe is a stunning masterpiece out there; however, more than a rocket might be needed. Something… more fragile and breathtaking.

We might just need the irreplaceable trust in the grand cosmos themselves.
(2022, Jan 13)

Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash

“call me once more”
i feel your prescene linger beyond the mist,
standing ever so still but you call.

you call me from my bed of lavenders that lay soft under my body. my body cannot help but move towards your summoning.

past the river bed and the seaweed that climbs above the water surface to pull me under.

i am almost there, though. so please call me a bit longer. be my beacon in the fog, my light in the dark.

i can feel you get closer as i move nearer. but is this a simple illusion? i must know.

so, please let my fingers reach out to your face. please let me know that you are there. that you are real.

i need to know. i have to feel. so please call me just once more.

(2022, Jan 17)

Closure… the world lingers around the feeling of solitude; yet dawns into a world of new beginnings.

Somehow, it almost feels like the warmth we feel slip away as the sun begins hides behind the horizon; allowing for the beaming constellations of the alpha stars to bless our world and souls from above.

Closure… it’s teaches us the painful art of departure, while allowing our hearts to heal from within ourselves.

Closure… it sure is bittersweet, no?

Let us allow the splitting feeling of closure to whisk away our fears and pains from our past, and awaken a new realm that drifts as beautifully as the clouds that dwell in the azure sky above.
(2022, Jan 21)



Miha Dalaya

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