Poetry and Prose Collection XI

*all writing pieces originally from Instagram @mi.haloes*

Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash

“beauty of nature”
The erosion carves through the mortal vessel, lining down a pathway for the birth of the holy and running rivers.

The burning sun rains down a flood of vibrant energy that fuels this ever-growing planet, churning the clock of life forward at every early dawn.

The atmosphere flows around the surfaces of the mountains that stretch towards the precipices of freedom and bliss; having the grey birds waltz across the orange horizon during the evening sunsets.

This world never stops revealing its mysteries, even when our breaths come to their pauses.

The world shall never stop, its beauty will never falter.

Its quintessence will stand here on this planet forever and eternally; and fill our vacuum of space with a little bit of laughter.
(2021, Dec 17)

“glass heart”
A glass heart forged in fire, moulded and reshaped into a fragile diamond.

Fractals dance throughout its uniformed structure as the potent emotions begin to stir within.

The cracks slowly move towards the surface with time; exposing its pain to the world.

Every smoothed side of the jewel releases the supressed burden with fractures that decorate its shiny skin.

They all grow, feel and evolve into something more powerful; every feeling that the human spirit faces turns into something uncompressible.

The tension within the glass heart becomes something uncompressible…

… and it shatters.
(2021, Dec 22)

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

“new year”
It’s a new beginning, like the turning of a hourglass.

It sets us free with hope that the mistakes we made, the choices that challenged us, can be rewoven into a distant memory in the sky.

It’s a new year,
A new journey,
A new life.

And with the new start to our beginnings,
We become our new selves,
Once again this year.
(2021, Dec 31)

“string of pearls”
Like a string of pearls that dance along the neckline, dazzling like the moon amongst the dark night.

Hardened through the compressing nature of gravity and erosion, the particles drift below the water’s surface — like the birthstones of the mythical sirens.

The white iridescent shimmer upon its skin mocks the glowing of the ancient stars; however, the rarest of the jewels rest camouflaged in the shadows of the abyss.

The black pearls whose existence can be molded into a symbol of mystery; one that cannot be mistaken.

Like a string of pearls, they linger within our imagination.

Like a string of pearls, they manifest along the neckline.
(2022, January 4)



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Miha Dalaya

Miha Dalaya

I am Amisha Dalaya! You may have caught on… my pen name is “Miha”. The world is a beauty, one worth honouring through the grace of words. Will you join me?