Mirrored Illusions

Miha Dalaya
2 min readOct 29, 2023
Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash

I clamber through the mirror that tells me it will all be okay.
Vine leaves and daisies left on the floor whisper that it will all be okay.
A hidden mystery,
a stolen treasure.

Beyond the symphonies of an oil-painted skyline,
a devastating void engulfs me and lets me know that somehow, somewhere, someday, it will all be okay.
A twinkling star,
the broken reflection of the constellations that now lie jagged and shattered on the floor cry that somehow, somewhere, someday, in whatever form, it will all be okay.

A disoriented periphery,
an illusion reality;
it all falls down.

From the million lies, and a billion truths, everyone rots with the scars of both;
but no one told me they would be the cause of my downfall.
To the depths, I claw into,
through the shadows, I swim through,
somewhere within this oblivion of despicable hospitality,
a set of truthful eyes tells me it will all be okay.

As I find myself clambering out of the mirror that pulled me through a thousand realities,
I believe the deceptions a little more.
That somehow, somewhere, and simply because, it will all be okay.
And who could’ve thought it would be told by the vindictive woman staring back in the mirror?



Miha Dalaya

I am Amisha Dalaya! You may have caught on… my pen name is “Miha”. (mihaloes.my.canva.site/)